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"A soft spot for solid solutions"


Granada IT Components has been active in the IT industry since 1997. We sell server components. Most of the products we sell are new sometimes clean pulled grade A. Our main business is for current material or just end of life material. Should you need an older or long obsolete sku you can try us out anyway. Our network of customers and suppliers might surprise us.


Deep Blue versus Garry Kasparov was a pair of six-game chess matches between then-world chess champion Garry Kasparov and an IBM supercomputer called Deep Blue in 1997.

Product range

Key to our success is a sharp focus on server components that are critical for your production needs in the area High Performance Computers (HPC) Servers Storage clusters Big Data clusters etc.

Our specialty products include:

Brand promise

As a globally ingrained trading company, Granada IT Components is committed to delivering exceptional customer service and a seamless personal buying experience exclusively to integrators of Servers, such as yourself.

With clarity and precision, we offer an extensive range of products sourced from the global market, providing a welcome addition to the solutions of your conventional Server Building Block providers.

While these large Tech corporations drive impressive technological advancements, their organizations can be rigid and their procedures can impede the agility you need for your daily work.

Granada IT Components aims to assist you in overcoming these challenges by standing alongside you in your search for new and current server components.

Granada IT Components – “a soft spot for solid solutions”

Facts about Granada IT

Located in The Netherlands

26 years of close cooperation with franchise distributors and tier 1 companies (Acer Corpo- ration, IBM, Intel Corporation, Samsung Semiconductor and other).

Intel Technology Provider

Efficient organizational structure to handle international Logistics, Finance, RMA (including Intel Advanced Warranty Re- placement).

Understanding of
supply chain

Focus on network of server integrators

Focus on network of server integrators

Intel Technology Provider

The 8 core values of Granada IT

Enhance autonomy
We push ourselves in a “bow wave” in front of the market. When at speed, we get a thrill from riding the waves finding your products in the open market.
Globally ingrained
25 years of unrivaled expertise in providing server components. Join us in this eight-part series as we unveil what sets us apart in the industry. This is Part 2 of our compelling exploration.

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