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"A soft spot for solid solutions"

25 years of unrivaled expertise in providing server components. Join us in this eight-part series as we unveil what sets us apart in the industry. This is Part 1 of our compelling exploration.

Globally ingrained

Globally ingrained

We pride ourselves for a culturally rich and diverse work environment. Our team comprises individuals from various backgrounds who speak multiple languages, enhancing our ability to operate effectively across the globe.

Operating from the Netherlands, a traditionally seafaring nation and gateway to Europe, we bridge most time zones, offering our partners a bird’s-eye view of the market.

For us, being “Globally Ingrained” means building strong, long-lasting relationships with our partners, nourishing trust and stability in business operations.

In a human tower, the essential roles of cooperation, mutual support, and reliance among team members to achieve mutual success are emphasized.

We place the highest value on close cooperation with our suppliers to ensure that the best deals are not just found but granted to us, providing our clients with great value.

Choose Granada IT, where global expertise meets local understanding, and let us be your trusted partner in navigating the dynamic market of IT Hardware.

Granada IT Components – a soft spot for solid solutions